No. 1 in Japan, thanks to our many years of experience *1

A total of 6,692 buildings since our founding *2 2010 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Daikyo Group, known for its Lions Mansion condominiums.
During the more than 40 years of remarkable development in Japan's condo industry, the Daikyo Group has supplied a total of about 340,000 dwelling units in Japan, placing itself first in the real estate industry as a condo unit supplier. (*1) Guided by our Plus One Concept for a higher level of comfort, we continue to offer living conditions one step above the norms and needs of the time. This pursuit of excellence has helped us develop a number of firsts in Japan and the world.

The dynamic power of the Daikyo Group network

We aim to satisfy the needs of our clients at their personal stage in life. To achieve this we draw on the strong network of our Group, to provide quality services in the specialized fields of individual group members and to develop comprehensive projects for better living.

Our Business